Date ~ August 13, 2013 (UTC)
Time ~ 01:37

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Onto here we will do the section of Anime~Characters, people are freely to make topics about any character they want to. Please make sure you put the right information.

Later on we will do them as a categories per anime, if when this wiki is opened and they still not as all individually categories. 

Help our Anime~Pedia!Edit

Please feel free to help us to make all Anime~Characters full of characters information! Someone would love to go onto a wiki and can find all characters of the anime's in one point, so they won't need to search wiki by wiki if they need an information!

Our Communities!Edit

If you wish to support us, and check our latest update's please check our other communities 

Our Anime~Page is - Click Here

Our Anime~Blog is - Click Here

Our website is - Click Here If you can't access to it, it's still not uploaded the website on the host.

Our Anime~Chat is - Click Here

Our Anime~Forum is - Click Here


--Goku Rikoudo Sannin ~ The Sage Of Six Paths

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