Welcome to the Anime~World-Mixed Anime~Pedia!Edit

Welcome to our Anime~World Wiki.

This wiki purpose is to put all anime information, we create a section by section for each anime and on here you can find every anime, there characters, locations and everything you want to search.

Please if you know any information make a topic about it and help us make our wiki better.

Our Anime~Page is -

Our Anime~Blog is -

Our website is - (If you can't access to it, it's still not uploaded the website on the host, :)

Our Anime~Chat is -

Our Anime~Forum

More communities in the future, depends how much people will support us!

You can contact us, we also have VIP profiles for our communities, everytime you help you get points to earn this VIP profile to thank you for your hard working. Don't worry you will still have a profile "non-vip profile" to still show your work, :)

If you wish to help us please feel free to do it and contact us which topic's you've made! :)

By - Goku Elementus - Rikudou Sennin The Sage of six paths

Our Anime~Pedia DescriptionEdit

This is about all kind of anime information to find and write on here, the more you help us, the more you helping other people that love anime like you. :)

Latest activity onto our Anime~Pedia!Edit

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